Keep your friends close, and your ad targets closer.

Here’s a quick and easy one for you. Most of us have seen that video review of Facebook’s ads – claiming that they filled a page with fake likes and thereby diluted the amount of real fans of a page that saw the page content. If you haven’t seen it – here you go.

While this video isn’t the end all be all source of insight on Facebook ads, and some people have written very useful clarifications on the problems that the video brings up – the basic message is something we know to be true: If you don’t make sure your ads are targeted to people who will see and respond to them, you’re going to be missing out.

Our Experience

My company has recently started putting a little bit of effort into Facebook Ads and though we’re only targeting cities in our surrounding area, I’ve noticed that about 1/6th of our likes are still from international sources – people that will not employ our (usually) localized services and sources that dilute the effectiveness of our targeting.

Facebook Likes by country

After having reading up on why this happens, I speculate that because we’ve used Facebook’s “Promoted This Post” feature, Facebook can show this page to any friends of any of our fans – many of whom I’m sure can be located outside the US. I have also been told that we’ve had people in other countries specifically like our page because their names were the same as the founding partner. Geez guys… come on.

The fix

The solution is hopefully one you’ve already employed. If not. this is one of the easiest ways to improve your targeting if you’re a local business. Your Facebook settings can allow you to only show your Facebook page to specific countries. Hence, fewer fake likes, more engaging audiences, etc.

Just go to your page general settings at the top of your Facebook page, click Country Restrictions, and add your country. Then select “Only show this Page to viewers in these countries.”
facebook country settings
Easy peasy, Mr. Freezy.

This isn’t going to eliminate all of your fake likes problems, or instantly improve your engagement with content – but it’s an easy start. Happy Facebooking!

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