Playing with Alexa

Today I started working on a new project – writing a simple trivia game to be played using Amazon’s Alexa service. By writing, of course, I mean copying someone else’s work as a template and following a tutorial to get the results I wanted even though I never actually knew what I was doing.

From my understand of this though, there are two sections to publishing a ‘Skill’ that can be used by an Amazon Echo/Dot/Tap/etc.
The first is a Lambda function from Amazon Web Services which contains all the code for your skill. This is connected to your Amazon developer console where you can create Alexa skills and set up instructions for how your code interacts with Alexa. From this console you can test your created skill and submit it for publishing.

The entire scope of AWS seems massive, and the Lambda function was just one of around 50 services used for computation, development, data management, security, etc. That alone was extremely intimidating, but there were also so many services that Amazon can connect to and so many different ways to use Alexa that it feels like it would be very difficult to get the hang of everything. I’m assuming that most people only focus on one kind of thing though.

For now i’d be interested to learn more about how Alexa interacts with outside services. I’m very interested in home automation and I’d love to integrate my own skills that can be used inside my house. I guess we’ll see how this goes with the next few alexa projects.

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