Monthly Archives: June 2015

Google My Business Bulk Locations Updated

I just received an email notifying me about some changes to the Google My Business Locations interface.

Upgraded Account

This interface might be a little bit different from what GMB users are used to, especially businesses without multiple locations, but it seems like this is much more intuitive and beneficial for businesses with hundreds or thousands of locations. Fortunately this interface is far improved over the awful Google Places bulk upload page. Seriously. I get shudders just thinking about that crap.

Upgraded Account

The only thing that may throw people for a loop is the Store Code, which is required by google to organize your list of locations (and makes much more sense for a client with hundreds of locations). The store code can be anything, but Google recommends using something that represents your brand. For Bisnar Chase, I would consider something like “BC001” and “BC002”.

For more information take a look at the comprehensive list of updates!